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Fintraffic's strategy

Digitalisation boosts the development of Finland's traffic system and new services

Reduction of traffic emissions, accessibility of the entire country, Finland's competitiveness and economic challenges are requiring more and more from the traffic system and the services it provides. In order for Finland to benefit fully from its traffic system and speed up the creation of new services, Fintraffic is proposing a strong increase in the digitalisation rate of the Finnish traffic system. This will be done by building a more comprehensive real-time situational picture of traffic events and infrastructure on land, at sea and in the air through the digital platform of traffic data and the joint work of transport operators.

Fintraffic has published its updated strategy up to 2024, which aims to build the world’s safest, smoothest and most environmentally friendly transport in Finland.

Fintraffic's strategic objectives and key projects

Strategic objectives:

  • Safe and smooth traffic and optimised traffic system
  • High-quality and efficient traffic control services
  • Better services for both passengers and logistics
  • Growing added value for customers and stakeholders
  • Excellent and renewing work community

Strategic key projects:

1) Determined improvement of traffic safety

Improving traffic safety means developing the overall safety of the entire traffic system – from traffic control to prevention of road accidents and environmental damage, and transport logistics safety. This means, for example, raising the level of preparedness, developing cyber and information security, and an even deeper understanding of risk management.

2) Reform of the traffic management operating model

Our traffic management will be developed and renewed in order to guarantee safer, smoother and more environmentally friendly traffic in the coming years. In our operations, we actively look for solutions to improve our service level, taking into account quality and efficiency requirements. This work includes developing operational processes, systems and management models, developing job descriptions and competence, and increasing automation to minimize human error. With the resources at our disposal, we want to bring Finland maximum benefit.

3) Creating a world-class transport ecosystem

We are developing the future of traffic, where one big goal is to create a unique network of traffic operators in Finland that is unique on a global scale and makes the most use of information. In order to be realised, this calls for close cooperation between traffic operators (e.g. objectives, co-development solutions), digital transport infrastructure (e.g. technical platform, data formats and data sharing) and digital traffic rules (e.g. standards for cooperation and data transfer, and templates). This entity enables a functioning traffic ecosystem, the construction of which we want to take responsibility for, in accordance with the task assigned to us by the state. We believe that a strong traffic ecosystem is a factor that increases the ecological, social and economic sustainability of the transport system and significantly accelerates the emergence of new transport and logistics services in Finland.

4) Real-time situational picture of traffic, i.e. digital twin

We are working to increase the digitalisation rate of the traffic system. Real-time modelling of traffic system infrastructure and events (so-called digital twin) enables us to manage, refine and share real-time traffic-related information, optimise traffic and help operators in the industry to develop new services. This will speed up, for example, travel and freight chains, improve the attractiveness of public transport and support the emergence of service innovations and regional equality.  At the same time, we can produce information that helps optimise infrastructure investments and their maintenance.

5) Utilising and developing expertise, good management and a business culture that supports reform

Our will is to provide meaningful work for the best experts in the field. To this end, we are working together to build a company culture that supports renewal and breathes courage and innovation. We support the continuous learning of our staff and ensure that our leadership is professional, people-friendly and fair.